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“The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.  One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.  It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.  Never lose a holy curiosity.” ~ Albert Einstein

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“The instructor was funny, on point, professional & most important knowledgeable and not boring.  Felt like more class interaction and [unintelligible] could be used.  Straight shooter; down to earth; he’s awesome, likeable dude; great real world experience.”

“The materials and subject are very complex.  Instructor does an excellent job navigating the info and students. Motion portion will keep houses from going to Kansas.  Meathead students that waste time.”

“Very informative.Excellent course.Impressed by knowledge & experience.”

“Keep questions to a minimum from attendees.  Kept it/made it fun & real by not just reading codes.”

“This course opened my eyes further into bail then just recovery work.  I hate courts! Rex really breaks down the topics at hand and makes it very understandable.  Cannot find a negative word about this class.”

“Very experienced instructor.  Enjoy the stories.”

“Very open opinioned.  Too many breaks.Very good guy.  Great personality & brains instead of just brains.”

“Thank you for class.  Information given.”

“The first hand experience and relatable scenarios was key.  Information was relatable to real life. Thank you for this course, not being like any other state certified course.”

“Engaging and knowledgeable lecturer. The material and presentation.  No bloody mary bar.”

“It was very detailed and in a way complex but Rex did a great job of simplifying it for me to comprehend.”

“I gained knowledge from Rex’s personal experience and knowledge of the legal aspects and orals of the industry.”

“I didn’t fall asleep!  Rex kept us engaged! I thought I was going to hate it but ended up learning a lot and enjoying myself at the same time.”

“Keep it up!  It was different from other courses!  Very good course!”

“Pushed my thinking capacity. Not enough time to cover everything I’m curious about.”

“High level of Rex’s experience and related stories. Not enough specifics on case law for CE to pass test.”

“The convenience of the small class.  Too much crammed in a small amount of time. Want more examples of cases.”

“Information on 1305(i) and the definition of what a motion is.”

“The way the speaker compiled everything.”

“Learning new things, to be able to understand lecture.  Not enough time spent on courts, motions, etc. Very knowledgeable, great instructor, he motivated me to want to take more learning.”

“Valuable info!  My brain is maxed out. Thank you for all your help!  I love this industry.”

“Fast pace, never boring, learned a lot of useful info. It would be nice to have a class closer to Santa Barbara or Ventura County. Very knowledgeable instructor.Nice to hear stories of “real life”experience.”

“The speaker kept me into the class.”

“Great overall instruction, class and time. Wasn’t so text book, kept you involved and yet very informational at the same time. It was a pleasure to meet such an accomplished individual within the bail industry.

“Valuable info!  My brain is maxed out. Thank you for all your help!  I love this industry.”

“Fast pace, never boring, learned a lot of useful info. It would be nice to have a class closer to Santa Barbara or Ventura County. Very knowledgeable instructor.Nice to hear stories of “real life”experience.”

“The speaker kept me into the class.”

“Great overall instruction, class and time. Wasn’t so text book, kept you involved and yet very informational at the same time. It was a pleasure to meet such an accomplished individual within the bail industry.

"Everything was on point. It very useful if you’re really interested in bail.  I liked the way its presented.  No, everything was useful."

"So much information and helpful, the break every 50 minutes makes it go quicker.  The interaction makes you remember things. The stories are very helpful as well."

"Its teaches lawfully and keeps us on a safe side. Open conversation."

"Has everything and informative.  Keep us the good work you are highly motivating."

"Rex was very knowledgeable.  Nothing to complain about."

"The information was extremely helpful.  The real world experience greatly ??? the entire course.  How Rex presented the law and then save the context in “real world” terms in which we would most likely to see.  I would have liked to see more on the process. Great Job!"

"The instructor was real funny and very informative.  The info.  Been doing what you’re doing, helping people stay out of jail."

"All the information with details included.  Excellent.  Did not disagree with anything, all was very helpful."

"The instructor made the presentations very fun and interesting.  There were a lot of handouts that are helpful for the test.  The information that was given and the way it was taught.  I obtain a lot of information that I didn’t know.  I would now look more into this.  The instructor is a well presented Agent.  He knows what he is talking about.  He makes your learning experience exceptional."

"It was pleasure being in class for my studies.  The instructor was really amazing."

"The stories. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

"Rex Venator is a consummate professional.  His knowledge and expertise re: bail and bail enforcement is unmatched.  Everything/the coffee & danish. Rex Venator is smart, passionate and a guru at the art of Bail instruction and shares his knowledge effectively."

"Everyday experiences mixed with text book.  It was easier to understand. Great course with lots of info.  I will study hard to pass test on first time and uphold the pass rate."

"All the information.  On Day three my brain was"

"Super Clear.  Learning to how to start for a bond license. It was great for me when I picked this class!"

"How our instructor Mr. Rex Venator has real hands on experience which he passes down to us.  There’s absolutely nothing to dislike! Very informative.  Not once was I bored nor falling asleep.  Every subject kept me on my feet."

"Everything! Very satisfied with the instructor."

“I’ve attended the bail pre-licensing class at Bailspeak. I was able to obtain a copious amount of knowledge from the instructor Rex Venator, a renaissance man of the bail industry. Not only did I learn all aspects of legalities, liabilities, terminology, articulation and personal protection. I was taught ethics and mental conditioning. Currently, I am an active Bounty Hunter with plenty of work to keep me busy. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I would not be where I am at today if it were not for Mr. Venator and Bailspeak. I look forward to attending another one of the many other courses Bailspeak has to offer. This course is a MUST for anyone who is entering into this field.”


~ Email from Bounty Hunter & Proud Bailspeak Alumni, August 23, 2010

“Emphasis on codes, specifically the numbers.  Perfectly paced.  I was able to understand the codes in a simple, clear way.  Everything was excellent.  Instructor created a very exciting learning atmosphere through his life experiences and I was able to learn from his stories.”


“I like how animated Mr. Rex is in the seminar...he makes it fun and not a burden for 3 days!  I can’t find anything to complain about.  This class is very helpful for people who want to enter this business and I wish it was around when I took it [prelicensing] the first time.”


“Lots of good examples helps a lot with putting things in perspective as far as codes, etc.  Awesome job!”


“The examples to the codes in real world experience were very helpful!”


“Presentation was lively and personal experiences and anecdotes helped me to retain information.  Excellent – I feel I learned a lot about a subject that I previously knew only peripherally.”


“Got more experience & understanding about bail.  Also liked the instructor.”


“The instructor!  Extremely informative while keeping the class engaged!”


“The teacher answered all questions to the best of his knowledge & gave examples.”


“Amazing, powerful information to help me passing the state exam.  Everything!”


“Pace of the class was great!  Great content, lots of real life examples given to support the material and subjects we will be tested on.  Examples & cases cited to explain in detail the test material.  Instructor has great experience and is a good instructor.  Great course.  Lucky for me to have as an agent.  Feel well prepared and thanks for testing and encouraging writing motions.  Very great niche!!”


“The understanding of Civil Code of Procedures & Penal Codes which can help you in your career or job and of money made.  Very knowledgeable.”


“Very informational.  Instructor knew what he is talking about.  Keep it up!”


“Well informative and very knowledgeable.  Was very thorough and activity got us involved in the topics.”




“Learning Civil Code of Procedures.”


“Interactive learning.  Very knowledgeable & entertaining.”


“It wasn’t boring, it keeps you interested.”


“Rex is very knowledgeable.  I am happy I chose Bailspeak.  I liked the in depth detail about all PC and situations.  Rex took time to answer individual questions.  See you for CE within 2 years!”


“Amazing the amount of knowledge and information Rex has.  Rex explains the dos and don’ts, but also tells real world scenarios.  Very informative and ensures everyone understands.  Thanks Rex.  I know I’ve learned from the best in the business – hands down.”


“Very informational.  Rex was easy to follow and understand and showed integrity the whole class.  I liked that Rex referred to actual instances.  Nice to get 100% honesty!”


“Rex keeps us tracking.  Very informative!”


“The handouts made the course easier, its make sure you know the truth.  I liked everything.  The instructor makes this course so much easier.”


“I learned a lot.”


“Learned a lot of useful information and it got me really pumped for moving forward in the bail industry.  Everything was new and fun to learn.  Looked forward to coming and getting to know new things.  Some things were pretty hard, but the instructor helped us understand.  Rex is a great instructor.  Couldn’t ask for a better instructor.”